Message to All of You

Yesterday, I attended Fellowship of the Strings for the second time. It’s was by far the best meet I’ve ever been to (I’ve only been to two meets so yeah, :P) I got to hang with Sushi, Elluzion, Jad, Cadaday, and YoYoJordon. But most importantly I tried my First CLYW, my first C3, my first General Yo, my first Spyy, and many more throws, even a YYF!!!. I tried a Puffin (loved it BTW Sushi) a Cliff (I see why your so protective of it Jad) a Code 2 (Awesome throw Cadayday) a Speed Freak, OneStar(Paul Han Ed.) C3 Halo(will be getting it soon) A SUMMIT!!!(a bit on the heavy side because of the Side Effects, other than that it played great!) and so many more yoyos that I can’t even name them all! So my message to you guys is Sorry. Sorry that I “offended” you because I only threw YYJ. Granted its still my favorite brand, and will always be (now I can say I have done my “homework”, and in the end, YYJ is for me). But now that I have tried other yoyos I will be buying some later in the future. I’m gonna trade my Classic and Trigger for a C3 Halo (if Jad agrees). I just thought id let you guys know.

Maybe now that group of people that are constantly putting me down because of YYJ know that I have tried other brands, and I know for sure YYJ is for me. I will be buying other brands now. Thanks for reading, and I hope you guys change your opinion about me. PEACE!





One word…HALILUA

Hey man, that’s really commendable. To you, I say… GOOD JOB!

Awesome man! I am experimenting with other brands too, after being very biased and only getting YYF. They are great, but my Summit is out of the ballpark, balls the the walls insane compared to my 2.0 and DV888 (I was also only getting budget throws, and after selling most my yoyos I decided to invest in one or two great throws). Another new one is the C3 Capless. It plays great, I absolutely love it, and it looks beautiful too. Still love YYF, but I definitely need to look more into OD and CLYW (I’m leaning towards OD, not sure why).

Yaaaayyyy! If you guys met him at San Jose, he’s pretty cool to be around. He actually opened up to trying my PrePro Catalyst (OMGOGOMGOMGOMG MIRRAACCCLE) and everything went smooth after.

Forgot to mention Model 10 btw :wink:

That’s great that you’re trying other brands! I pretty much stuck to yomega when I started, then eventually branched out and have liked a few throws from each brand, though lots of them were lower end.

Still plenty of brands out there to try but it’s good to hear you’ve given some non-YYJs a chance. And hey, if after trying everything out there you still prefer YYJ stuff, then power to you.



Sorry I didn’t bring my whole case alann

Btw it was a glacier express not a cliff

its all good man.

I couldn’t make it. Got screwed out of my Sunday, and got screwed out of Monday.

Hit me up at BAC, I’ll have the whole stash with me.

Sweet sweet YYJ here I come!


hey alann, cool getting to meet you, sushi, and jordan. …haha, every yyj of yours i tried i rly liked.
had fun as always,

some pics:

bad lighting =

testing out the new niftyfity

kid on a leash with bat wings + cutie mirin the jojo skillz.

nice e92


cant wait for the next meet + bac!

Dude those pics are awesome! Can I use the one of my case in BST?

^thanks, and for sure.
heres the flickr link:

thanks man! :slight_smile: