What was your experience at MER today?

It was my first contest and i made it to finals in 1a so i guess i did alright, but how did you guys do?

I made more mistakes than I would have liked but I was happy with my performance. My tongue hurts …

Oh dude that was so sweet, everyone went crazy when you caught that with your tongue, That was you right?

Yep. Im starting to regret it though. It hurts to talk since I practiced it too much.

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I didn’t compete :stuck_out_tongue:

Wait who were
You again? Like what were you wearing

I was wearing a black shirt that says Mind the Gap

I had a great time, i won the runaway dog contest, i won a momentum!

Aw sweet! Is it any good?

I was wearing a tie dye hurley shirt if you remember me, what were you wearing, I might have seen you

mer stands for what?

Mideast Regionals

I was in the black supernova shirt and the black shorts

I had a blast. Competed in 1A, 2A, and 5A. First time I’ve competed since MER 2010 I believe and I’m stoked to be back at it.

So mad that I forgot about it. My kids were bummed too.

It was a really fun contest. Run great as always. Congrats to Eric Tranton for winning and Michael Stecz for being Regional Champion!

This is late, but it was awesome. I got 7th in 1A ;D