MER (know before you go)

since ill be attending Mideast Regional’s this year i figure why dont we all post a pic of ourselves so we know who’s who when we get there!

heres my pic, and my names Chad

Alright, I’ll post one hah. I’m somewhat new here. I usually use yyn forums but I decided to make one here too!

Anyway, what’s up chad? My name is Keegan!

Hey Keegan and Chad. I’m Jacob. I’m the kid in the gray shirt and black shorts. I’m pretty sure I’ll be going to MER. I hope to see you guys there!

haha awesome! hope to see you guys there, will you be competing at all?
im thinking of doing sports ladder cause im pretty new still.

I’ll be doing a freestyle! This will be my 4th time competing so I’m starting to get a feel for it.

I think I’m also going to do the sport ladder. I did it one other time. I know I’m still not good enough to enter one of the freestyle divisions. But it looks like I have some competition in the ladder. :stuck_out_tongue:

ill post one soon. I might do a freestyle. IDK yet. I did a sports ladder last year so it wouldnt be fair if i did it again…

well if any of you can get past pop n frsh then you shall beat me haha…

teehee. popn fresh was my most inconsistent trick when I did the ladder, I think I landed it though. Somehow screwed up on skin the gerbil though… Good fun though. Strange how I knew almost all of the tricks at the end. Like spirit bomb and hook.

I’m really bad at pop n fresh too. I know how to do it, I’m just really inconsistent at it. That was my first miss. Usually I can do Eli hops but I messed it up last time.

3 reps of eli hops might get me…and yah same here i can do hook easy and breny stole and all that jazz lol…never landed skin the gerbil but ive been praticeing ladder tricks constantly the last few days


I look like a weirdo :-\

I screwed up on pop n fresh in the va states trick ladder this year…:frowning: but i still won…winning by default ftw!!!

My name is Rafael btw

My name is Slade like my username. I’m not easy to miss and I am very exited to be going. Hope to meet some nice people and trade while I am there. I will be competing in 1A.

When/where is Mers?

This saturday, mall of america in minnesota.

I thought it was July 14th at Plymouth Michigan?

yeah, sorry. Think that I was talking about midWEST regionals. Little mixup, hehe.