Memphis Yo-Yo Club

The Memphis Yo-Yo Club is a group that meets once a month to talk yo-yos, trade yo-yos, and, of course, throw yo-yos! Learn some tricks. Teach some tricks. All ages and skill levels are welcome. Membership and meetings are free. To learn more, go to: Yo! Throw yo’ yo-yo, Yo!

Sorry for resurrecting a very old post, but it seemed silly to add another post asking about a Memphis yo-yo club, when this has the perfect title.

I don’t really use Facebook, so I was wondering how y’all are feeling about getting together, and if there was anything on the books for hanging out in the next couple months.


The Memphis Yo-Yo Club has disbanded.


Was an acrimonious disbanding, or was there just a lack of interest?

Lack of interest.