Meme Battles

I post two memes, and the next person (or robot ;)) posts the winner of the fight. Now, the person/robot posts the winner and a new meme. I will make the first 2 posts to explain.

Cereal Guy vs. Shoop da Whoop
(If you don’t recognize a meme posted, someone invented google)

Shoop da Whoop- He blasts cereal guy’s head off. (you have to tell why the meme wins)
Shoop da Whoop vs. Trololololo


Trololololol vs. Forever alone

Forever alone drowns Trololololol

Forever alone vs Nyan Cat

Forever alone. Any attempts made by Nyan cat would fail miserably against Forever Alone’s massive chin.

Forever Alone vs Watch Out We Got A ****** Guy

Watch out we got a BA wins from the sarcasm.


BA guy kills the double rainbow with his Neil DeGrasse Tyson powers.

Neil Tyson vs. Trolldad

Troll Dad- He bore Neil Tyson into death from boredom.
Troll Dad vs. Weegee

Thanks for all the posts!

Weegee, he ties up trolldad with spaghetti

weegee vs. Honey Badger

Honey Badger doesn’t give a s***.
Honey Badger walks away.
Weegee vs. Forever Alone

Forever alone gets kicked out by cops for already getting disqualified.

Me vs Weegee

i’m with him

Since you are nobody, Weegee walks away from boredom.
Then, when you arent paying attention, Forever Alone kills you for having him loose against Weegee.
But Forever Alone feels bad and walks away, so there are new contestants!
Double Rainbow vs. Tac Nyan

double rainbow cramps tacnyan’s style, so tacnyana leaves.

Double Rainbow vs. Evolution of Dance

Double Rainbow because I know the guy personally, no lie. He’s one of my ex girlfriend’s mom’s best friends. Met him and had a conversation with him and all.

Double Rainbow vs Dos Equis Guy (I dont always blah blah but when I do blah blah)

Dos Equis Guy cannot handle the awesomeness of a double rainbow, and explodes.

Double Rainbow vs Trollface

Double rainbow (all the way!)

Double Rainbow Vs. One does not simply…

One does not simply beat “One does not simply”.

“One does not simply” VS Double dream hands.

“One does not simply” vs. Ceiling Cat