Mega MonsteR: How do you like it?

So at my yoyo club one of the members decided to be the coolest person in existence and give me a yoyo they weren’t using for free. This yoyo was the YYF Mega Monster.

After a good day of usage I’ve adjusted to the hilarious width and I have to say, while it might be overkill for some, I personally like it and probably would have been down to buy it at least on BST price. It is extremely powerful, stable, and has barely any vibe which is impressive for such a wide throw. While it isn’t my favorite yoyo of all time I, for one, am solidly a fan. On top of that it absolutely shreds for 5A.

For others who have tried and/or own a Mega MonsteR, what are your thoughts on it? I have a poll giving a general spectrum of how one might feel about it below.

  • LOVE IT (SS-S tier yoyo)
  • Nice! I’m a fan (A-B tier)
  • Okay (C tier)
  • Not my type (D tier)
  • Go back to hell, demon (F-garbage tier)
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I tried it at club. It was good. Don’t see that as a poll option so I’ll just leave my thought here in this comment.


I suppose i should have made that my B-tier option smh my head.

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I love the Mega Monster! Call mine Godzilla.


I have had a similar experience as you. Lots of power and very little vibe. Its not my go too by any means but I enjoy throwing it when I do pick it up.


I call mine The Meg.

I can’t do zontals yet, but I’ve read it’s a little tough for that. It’s not my #1 favorite, but it’s such a cool, unique throw. Probably at the A-S tier objectively, so I went S-SS.

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