me and yoyoing

i just got new yoyoexpert fourm i learned about yoyo when i was looking for a yoyo and yoyonation and yoyoexpert and yoyocrazy i clicked on yoyo expert and it seemed like a good sight so i orderd my first yoyo it was a legacy i have 5 yoyo now but legacy still my favrote it spins 2-3 min its good for LACERATIONS AND SLAck tricks and it only tacks them four days at the most to come in so its a good sight i reccomend it


Nah, just kidding. Welcome to YoYoeXpert! It is a wonderful place, and the only place I order from now :smiley: I’m wearing a YoYoeXpert shirt as I write this, haha

the legacy is a good yo. I think i like the pgm w/ stacks better tho…This is a great sight tho! many tricks to learn and yoyos to buy!

I like yo-yos that you can put string on.


that was deep… ;D

well I do too!