me and my yoyos

me and my fiancee

our amazing son

my yoyo drawer

my top 3 (until i get my albatross then im sure that will change)

Nice life, hope mine will be similar ::slight_smile:

And of course, the throws are awesome as well :wink:

Just do what makes you happy dude I did and I got everything I wanted.

That’s worked for me.

Once people learn the value of money(as well as the lack of value of money) and truly learn what’s important and understand how to be happy, everything will fall into place.

I’m happy. I ain’t rolling in money. I ain’t rich. Got my wife, got my kids, got the gear to do the type of work I am happy with, got my dogs, life is good!

So, keep doing what you’re doing!

That albatross is gonna be at least number 2 for you, I cant say ittl be number 1 because I havent tried a code 2 yet

no one else wants to show their faces lol? come one guys

It’s on the Forum eXperts page. That’s sufficient.

I tend to like to be “invisible”. It’s enough that there is a picture of me in the first place.

Same here