How has throwing changed your life?

I currently have pretty bad social anxiety and I even find it a bit hard to hold small talk with other people than my close friends. Throwing at home takes my mind off everything else. How has it affected you?

how has it changed my life? Lightened my wallet.


Haha I can definitely say the same.

Enough said lol.

“How has throwing changed my life?”

Man there have been some pretty deep yo-yoing questions going round the General Discussion lately lol…

Like others have said, it’s lightened my wallet for sure.

But the biggest change for me is that I’m no longer ever really bored. I picked it back up when I recently moved to a new city for my first job out of college. I don’t really know anybody here, so I figured going into it that I’d have a ton of free time. I was right, but since I picked up throwing, I haven’t dealt with boredom much during those long hours of having nothing to do. Which is a godsend.

Whenever I see videos of insane combos, it blows my mind and make me feel like I suck at yoyo-ing. Which compared to pros and semi-pros, I do. But then whenever I pick up a throw, I don’t care how good I am. I haven’t even progressed through all of the 1A tutorials here yet, but I don’t care. It keeps me busy, it’s relaxing, and it’s enjoyable. Even pulling off combos of trapezes, matrixes, and Buddha’s revenges, while simple to do, is still really fun and satisfying. And every once in a while I’ll look up the next trick and try to learn it.

It’s just made me a happier and more occupied person. I no longer wallow in in the doldrums of having nothing to do. It’s great.

Throwing has lightened the wallet a lot and maybe even burned a hole in it. I also find myself doing other things a lot lesser and nearly every bit of free time is spent throwing. Throwing has also managed to allow groups of friends to get closer too

Under the pretense that there is an infinite number of universes for every conceivable action and instance, then possibly. However, that’s also insinuating that nothing is random - our lives are on a predetermined path dependent on the universe we were created in. Whether or not throwing has changed our lives is irrelevant since there’s nothing to change; this is is a universe where you are a yoyoer. If that’s the case, then no, yoyoing has not changed my life.

But perhaps humans do have free will on a macroscopic scale. The decisions we make and the consequences of those actions are constantly creating new universes in which we did something different. Perhaps instead of spending that $70 on the latest release, you decided to go to the casino and play some slots. On your way there, you stopped in a 7/11 to buy a burrito because that casino food is overpriced and you’re hungry NOW. As you’re in the refrigerated section, you overhear a commotion at the register. You walk over to see what the fuss is about just as one of the hooded thugs pistol whip the cashier. You let out a small gasp which catches the attention of the thief on lookout. He signals to his buddy and they wrestle you into the trunk of their car - they can’t take any chances with witnesses. They drive for miles and miles before letting you out in the middle of a foggy forest. They push you on the ground and shoot you. Died? Should’ve bought a yoyo.


No man , just no

If there is infinite universes there would be a ton where you would have bought the yoyo and still been killed by thugs.

Debbie Downer over here, folks.

yoyoing is simply less expensive over other activities like sailing or collecting art…


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I laughed pretty hard. “should’ve bought a yoyo”

Well I have a lot of nervous twitches due to a.d.d. and ever since I yoyoing they have started to settle down, it also is a great creative outlet which I like but on the flip side I get bullied a lot for yoyoing

I know its difficult but you need to ignore them. Tell them that you have no reason to care what they think and that they have no reason care what you enjoy doing.

Unfortunately (or fortunately?) this was my first thought as well! It’s also put a callus on my finger and a scar on my eyebrow.

It’s sure made me popular with the ladies though!! :wink:

women are attracted to empty wallets, rough hands, and facial scars? what am I wasting my time in the gym for?

Ask yourself that question again but in actual seriousness. :wink:

I don’t think yoyoing has changed my life TOOOooo much. The time I spend yoyoing is time I would’ve spent with another hobby. I just happened to latch onto this particular one. Before I knew from yoyos, I probably spent more time playing guitar, which I am not too worried about remedying… it’s not like I make money from guitar, either. When I have a day of not wanting to play yoyo too much, I’ll just pick up that guitar for a while. :wink:

It got me out of depression, here’s my story. I posted this on a different forum (

I’ve been thinking of writing this for a long time, I just hadn’t had the patience to do it.

I was bullied for being a gigantic loser, I couldn’t live up to any standards and believed myself to be useless, my mother is verbally abusive, my father is always working endlessly, and I had no close friends so I had nobody to talk to, no shoulder to cry on.

Words hurt when you start believe them. It hurt to do anything, my hear aches at everything I had to do, It hurt to just wake up and get out of my bed. I would cry myself to sleep  because I had nobody to talk to. I felt so useless and insignificant, in fact I believed it. By some grace of God, I didn’t slit my wrists that one night.

As life went on, during one summer I went to a christian camp, why I agreed to go I’ll never know. At the end they gave out some yoyos. They were some cheap plastic imperials, but I found it fun doing the tricks I used to do as a kid in the Philippines. When I got home from camp my grandfather told me to look up yoyo video and contests. The first video was Black’s Ted Talk, it was like fate, he had a similar situation too. He did an amazing AP performance and I wanted to do something amazing like that. I watched the 1st place performances of Worlds 2012, Hiroyuki’s amazing speed and horizontal, Shu’s charisma, Hank’s flow, Rei’s sportsmanship, and Takeshi’s talent. All something I wanted to earn. I convinced my parents to get me YYF Velocity, learned the basics, and then broke it.

So not sure what yoyo to get next, I found this subreddit and asked you guys, the more experienced, what should I get. Everyone recommended the Protostar so I got it. I learned better and better tricks, learned to combo. I found a community a community that was supportive and almost entirely non-toxic. I found a home. At this time, I was known by everyone at school as the, “Yoyo Guy” but hey, at least they didn’t beat me down and acknowledged my existence. Something felt different in my life but I couldn’t put my finger on it. Soon I got someone into yoyoing, “I convinced someone to do something?!” I thought. It was good for him since he learned to get his ass out of trouble with it. We became friends and I helped him start out. I felt so accomplished that I did something. I became super active here on /r/Throwers, rivaling YoyoNews in posting first. Now many people know me here as the guy who posts and helps a lot.

That’s when I realized what changed in my life. It didn’t hurt to get out of bed, my smiles weren’t forced, I was finally… happy. I found a hobby that made me happy and significant! And a community where I felt at home. No more crying my self to sleep, now I sleep wondering what all of you will post next while asleep. No more suicidal thoughts because someone has to post those new videos and recommend the right yoyos.

So please stay active here, it makes me happy to see this discussions, and happier to see the, “Thanks for your response/post! =D” when I do respond/post something. I love this community, no scratch that, this family so don’t let it fall apart like mine.

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well for me i got back into yoyoing after about 15 years or so of not picking one up well i had just gotten married in june and started throwing again realling getting into it and because of my passion and the happiness throwing brings me it made me in my wifes eyes an imature little boy well thank god im getting divorce now and now i can work on my tricks with out being made fun of