md. yoyo club

reminder about md. yoyo club this sat jan. 19
at: 488 Greenwood st.
Odenton Md. 21113

outdoor with campfire
weather said sunny 51 kinda cold
about 15 people said there coming so far
start at 10am its my house so can stay as long as we want
this is plan to be more like party style
club will meet every 1st sat after that
caome and have a blast
thank cyyc for all your help too
can get a hold of me at:
443-994-0993 also fb visual fx

Visual FX a new yoyo club in Maryland
meeting every 1st Sat. of month
488 Greenwood St.
Odenton Md. 21113
For more info:
all skill levels all ages
yo or just hang play and learn yoyos all styles
Other skill toys welcome
we also fix, mod and paint yoyos and yoyo bags
make stings make yoyo bags so on
all things yoyos

i will try to come

Hey Vapor! congrats on the club! ;D ‘just hitting this thread so I can know what’s up in Md. Maybe I can make it one o’ these days . .(Odenton is a bit of a far piece away though, . . I’m Frederick/Hagerstown area . .). You going to Va states? I’m planning on going, (if the wife’s car isn’t in the shop tomorrow . .grrr)

cool last mnth was fun people came
i have not seen in tears since my last club ran in the mall
fire thing was a big hit
were going to see about doing video
of yoers in front of fire doing there thing
that should b cool
bring broken yos
or ones to b modded old bag to b fix too
we will trade and sell even one guy comes down from Harrisburg
so hope ever one cone come even for shore time

club on the 20

I would go but cyyc is on the same date when is the meet after that one?

The June date is June 15

Wrong form oooooops

Right club oops Ooops bump fall down

change to the 1st sat of the month