McDonalds X-Brain

Is the X-Brain that was distributed by McDonalds between 1999-2000 able to be taken apart?

I thought the answer was yes, but I am now arguing with a guy over Ebay about this yo-yo he sent that really isn’t up to par with what I was expecting…different story.

Any insight on this would be fantastic. :slight_smile:

You should be able to unscrew the two halves and remove the axle. Beyond that, probably not, as the caps are (should be) sonically welded on. Thus you should not be able to get at the brain return mechanism.

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yes.when they came out i got an orange one from mcdonalds and switched halves with a black one i had from walmart.that was also my first yoyo :smiley: my second yoyo was a duncan ballistic

Yep. Seconded.