maxbet pads/silicone

heys guys. i just got a maxbet and on the first week of using it one of the pads fell out. i was wondering if the groove is big enough to silicone or not? if not then what kind of pads fit it? (give a link to the product if possible)

They take regular YYF large slim pads which can be found here: Any of the 19mm pads will do.


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thanks for the quick response. probably will get some of those. is siliconing an option?

It’s possible but given how shallow the response groove is I’m not sure how grippy it’ll be. Worth a try. If you’ve already got the silicone, at worst you’ll be out one day of play.


thanks. i noticed how shallow the groove was which was why i made the thread. im gonna buy some pads.

Maybe wait a week or so. New YYF pads should be available soon.


are the new ones any better?

Haven’t tried them yet. Still waiting for my sample pack of the new pads to arrive. From what I gather though, you just have more options. Different pads for different preferences. Link to more info here:


sweet thanks