Who here is a Mau5 fan? He’s my favorite artist ever.

(NotATyrant) #2

I’m a fan, but he’s not my fave artist ever…


me too! hes not my fave, but i love his music! RAISE YOUUURRRR WEAAAAPPPOOONNNN!!! bum ba da ba da…


My fav songs are Moar Ghosts n stuff, Strobe, Superliminal, Channel 42, The Veldt , Sofi Needs a Ladder, City in Flordia and Aural Psynapse.

(NotATyrant) #5

Because I like MCR and my best friend has an obssseion with Gerard Way, I gotta go with Professional Griefers…


I love Deadmau5!


I love dat song.


I love Deadmau5!!

Such good songs to yoyo to!