Matador Spike Kit for Speedaholic

Andre and I had been talking recently about an idea I had to make Matador spikes for a FHZ. He mentioned that he’d love to see something for a Speedaholic. So I give you the first set of Matador spikes for the Speedaholic! Will include a new axle, since the original Speedaholic axle is a bolt and nut, so it wouldn’t work. Pics:




How much???

Siccckkk! Can I get a hook on the end to catch the string?

This, and will they be annoed?

Not sure on cost. Have to send a few test subjects to Andre to try out. After final approval we will work out cost.

The spike ends before the lip of the yoyo , and no ridge machined into it, so I doubt string catches will be possible.

Doubt they’ll be anodized. Trying to keep costs down.

Thanks guys!

Looks great! I’m all about useful hubs, and matador spikes are at the top for me. :wink:

Love seeing your mods again! Really missed them! Also, ever think about making matador spikes for the YYF WHIP and Stackless Grind Machine? And hit me up if you want them powder coated, I’ll do it for just shipping back for a legendary modder :wink:

if you do the stackless grind machine send me over cause i have a n old on that i never use! and would need something fun on it!

Hey Chris! Nice to see you back in action :slight_smile:

Wow sweet!

I will gladly buy when they are available