Does YYF still sell bearing spikes and caps attachments for hubstacks?

Can’t seem to find anywhere. Would love to add onto my YYF Grind Machine 2. Thanks!


Found some but not available here. They’re known as “Rice Stacks Matador Spikes Side Hubs” and they come in short or long. I believe they’re made of delrin. They are just covers though that go over the posts (no bearings) and are designed for “matador style play” where you grab the sharp tips.


A few years ago I spent $90 on ebay for a G5 with a full set of attachments, including the top tips, mostly just to get that attachment set.

I had bought some from Infinite Illusions years ago, and had fun with them, but they were loose and kept coming off.

Now I’ve barely used the new set. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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