MARVELED---Andrew Miller


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Woah!! :o :o :o :o :o Amazing

I like when people leave comments :slight_smile: Thank You

very cool.

Thanks Man

Great video, Andrew!

Ayyyyyee Greg, thanks!

Yoyonews shared my video!

You should do some tutorials, I would love to learn some of those tricks. (Not that im actually good enough lol :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve done tutorials in the past with not much success. If I get enough interest I’ll make more

Hey, I learned (and still perform) that one you did. You know. That one.

Yes, the one you used at NER last year. That’s a great one, a lot of people liked it.

Any comments or input on how I can make my next video better?

Also, even when I don’t do the trick, it’s that tutorial that gave me that particular path into the “around the arm” trapeze mount.

Sometimes that’s all you need to create your own tricks, a mount to start from.

Nice tricks and flow man

Thanks, man :smiley: