Wisdom teeth

Ok, well…to me the quality of the tricks were not the best, i rushed it and it shows. Some tricks were pretty spontaneous…and i guess it is a more “just for fun” video. Ill try to make a better video with in the next week or two but i think the video came together nicely. Anyway…

(Watch in HQ)

Comments are nice…

Thanks guys,

did u get ur teeth pulled or somthing and nice vid

You, are awesome, and one of my favorite players now!

same. you are like the best. Are you going to yoyoopen next year.

Haha thanks guys. It means a lot.

yoyoandrew: Nah, i just thought it would make a nice name for a yoyo video haha.

202 Andrew: Yea i will, i was there the last few years and it was great, see you there next year…?

I got to say the video was good
but the ending could of been better
but it was great other then that

You were filming that in Millburn? I think I might have saw you. I dont know though.

Anyway nice vid. Awesome.

Yea it was in millburn haha…i think around 3ish…?

Too good. :wink:

wow Nice Video ;D Clear like water…Smooth as buttah ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

Keep it up

yeah I proboley am going. can’t wait to see you all there.

awesome video and great tricks