Arm tricks?

Hey! I have seen a bunch of arm tricks, and they’re really cool! Then I attempt to make my own, but they’re really stupid. Can anyone show me a few tutorials on arm tricks, elements, mounts, etc.? I have only been yoyoing for 1 year, so don’t make them too complex. Thanks! :wink:

EDIT: I don’t really care anymore how complex they are… bring on the complex-ness!!! :smiley:

I would love a list of tutorials for arm tricks

The opening part of Andrew Miller’s trick “Oscillate” (there’s a tutorial somewhere) shows a nifty way to get into an arm mount and then manipulate the slack that results from releasing it off the arm. It goes into a non-arm tech trick from there, but it’s a cool element.


Wait… isn’t Andrew Miller a Baseball player?

Possibly! But here’s the tutorial I was referring to:


Here’s an older one by Mark Montgomery that is not too complex, but I think is still pretty cool:

And here’s one from Rafael Matsunaga that is a little more complex/difficult:

These aren’t strictly tutorials, but they both have slow-motion edits and are simple enough conceptually that that will probably be enough to figure them out.

Oh LOL I looked up Andrew miller on youtube and saw baseball stuff so I assumed he was a baseball player.

Try Zammy’s trick “Gladiator”, and well as Rethinkyoyo’s “Nix”, and also “False Blitz” by Zammy as well.