Basic arm-involved tricks?

I’m one of those kinds of guys who mostly follows online tutorials… haven’t been much for either making my own or watching player videos to “extract” tricks.

Wife saw a video (can’t even remember which) that had some arm-involved play and asked me to learn some. :wink: Gotta keep her interested in yoyo (so she doesn’t grow to hate it) so I’m game for that.

Are there any tutorials for some basic arm-involved tricks out there, or do I have to just grab some player videos and try to extract from them? I’d prefer the former… :wink: I can never tell just by watching them how difficult they’ll be. “Here are some beginner tutorials” is my ideal path of least resistance.


This is all body involving if that helps and a bit of arm mount usage.


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3:42 is one of my favorite binds. Totally arm involved.


So slick! Also shows basic arm-involved position, so I can do a few wee little trapezey tricks from there (a few Lindy Loops and mini-hops or whatnot).

Saw this in the 365 roundup:

I think the wife will be suitably impressed if I manage to learn it. :wink:

Thanks for that arm trapeze bind thing… been meaning to learn that