Arm bind

I’m learning the arm bind, and when you reverse the around the world motion and dismount from a trapeze, the yoyo is supposed to swing and land on the string behind the arm, but it just keeps missing. Anyone can help with this?

P.S I’m looking for some cool tricks that are about advanced level. Anyone have recommendations?

Keep practicing.
And you should check out Grandma kimmitt sandwich. It’s a pretty fun one.

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It is one of those things that does just take a lot of practice. I thought I’d never pull it off and then one day after practicing for what seemed like months I just started hitting it and never looked back. Good luck!

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Practice practice practice.
Grandma kimmit sandwich dandwich is more of a master trick, but the website he got it from is great. Go check out for it!!

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Thanks everyone for your help! I hink I should get practicing more. ;D