Marsh Pads?

Are they any good? And Do they fit in the Envy 64? Please Help! ???

Seeing as they are offered in every size known to man you would have to imagine that one of those sizes will fit and Envy 64. I honestly really don’t like them. They are too gripy when you first get them. Then as they break in they don’t actually get any less gripy. They also have some sort of string loosely woven through them. I could imagine that getting into your string or your bearing. I haven’t seen that happen yet but I wouldn’t be surprised if it did.

If you are buying from that store I highly suggest their silicone stickers or Dif pads for that matter.

I have found the best setup for an Envy is one Chaz Pad and one Gen Pad. Maby go with a Dif and silicone depending on where you plan to buy from.

I would use any pads.

Ok, so are the Vapor Pads good and the orange Silicone ones? And What Size? Dif Sized or .555?