Markmont Classic SE's

Okay guys, so I just ordered an MC, in team green. I like the idea of brass domes, but cant find any. So before I go buying up whatever I can, I thought I’d ask y’all fine folks which SE’s you prefer on your MC. Thanks

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I believe the MC always comes with both kinds of side effects? That is you get what is in it plus brass domes? That is what I remember, can anyone confirm?

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It looks like this latest run might just have Ultra Lights, which is why it is at that price point. I like playing mine with Ultra Lights a little more spring in its step I feel.


Yep, new ones just come with a pair of ultra lights


Confirming just ultralights in my new purple MMC. I prefer that setup over the brass I have in my other MMC. I like the float it gives. Kept the ultralights AND the flat bearing in mine and I’m loving the setup.

Also the Pyramatte finish on these new ones is awesome!


Spikes, ULs, or Aluminum MCs.

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I could probably just drill a hole through a pair of brass domes and they’ll basically be brass MMC SEs.


I got mine back in 2015 or 2016 from here and only got brass MMC ones. Was it supposed to come with 2?

It is possible I am misremembering!

“First run comes with brass side effects installed and extra aluminum side effects” maybe mine wasn’t a first run. I got a deep space colorway


I like to color-match the SEs to the yoyo whenever possible. That’s why I have a set of blue lego SEs on my MC; they were the only blue SEs I could get.

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No you are correct. All previous runs came with two sets of Markmont SEs. This run has a lower price and ships with Ultra Lights only.


Ok thanks. Being a One Drop Associate, what do you suggest as the primo SE’s for a MC?

It’s always personal preference. For this latest run, Mark chose Ultra Lights so I’d go with him on this :slight_smile:


Thanks for the insightful opinion.

You don’t have any of the new purple MC’s sitting in a back room somewhere, do you? I could really use one…

Or a copper Deep State, lol

No sorry all of them went YYE.


Okay sure, I’ll chime in.

I like mine with al flats. Brass Markmont domes are also alright, they make it a little heavier and classic feeling.

I absolutely was not a fan of ultra lights in mine. Took all the soul and punch out of it.


Aluminum flats, thanks man :+1: