Marf (Trilogy completion)

The trilogy completes.

Marf is the final part of 3 of the video series of my 1A focus style.

Whimper was first, Pounce was second, and now we finish off with Marf.

Thank you for all your support, as this will be my last 1A focus video for a while most likely. I’ve been finding myself yoyoing less and less recently and focusing on continuing my understanding of poi theory and manipulation. That said, I will still yoyo, but it is not as great of a focus for me as before it may have been. The distance as I have said before is often a help in progression, so we will see where it takes me.

But for now, I present Marf.



That was awesome dude :slight_smile:

You sir, are too good.

Sparkle dog is nuts…

My brain is sitting in a puddle on the floor. You sir, deserve a Franco:


OMG!!!I love it!
Too bad I never saw your face…