MALEFIC (Preview)

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My next Project, MALEFIC, will be ready in a few weeks.

Here’s a sneak peak :wink:

The scenery will change, but this combo will be in the video. Enjoy!

Tell me your thoughts.


Pretty cool combo!


Good editing for a 19 second video lol

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Thanks. Previews can’t be too long. :wink:

How did you feel about the yoyoing?


Sweet editing! Sick trick! I can’t wait to see the full video, you’re doing amazing! How long have you been throwing?

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^ Just a little bit over a year. I don’t keep track as much as others.

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Nice combo. You have awesome hair!

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Thanks for takin notice. :wink:

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Bump. Thoughts?


I am looking forward to the full video!

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^Thanks! If you liked the preview, I’m sure you’ll like the full video!


He shared this with me, and I went off the top a little in the PMs…

Off the top…
Let me see the full video, as soon as that drops,
Those tricks are killin’ em yo, and I love the flat top,
You’re busting out tricks, cause that’s how we do,
I want to get the full gist, after seeing that preview.

I’m looking forward to the rest…props!

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^ dope rhymes.

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Bump. Thoughts?

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