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While visiting the local ruins, I stumbled upon a yoyo…

Feedback would be awesome. Feel free to share any thoughts you have about my latest video!


You made everything look so doable plus the background was great. I really liked it.


That was your best video yet! The tricks were top-notch, your flow was locked in, and the backdrop was cool.

My ONLY criticism is the overexposed sepia look. I like my colours to be rich and lifelike for the most part. Not necessarily totally realistic, but a “better” version of reality. :wink: This filter detracted a bit (but not a lot) from the tricks. The inherent colour “compression” in limiting the palette tended to flatten the yoyo and string into the scene instead of letting them stand out. Yoyo strings are often bright colours; let’s see it!

Don’t let the fact that the “criticism” paragraph is longer than the compliment one fool you. This was a dope video! I’ll be watching this one more than once.


Subscribed. Great video and great hair :slight_smile:


Did you use an Equilateral?


Man, these keep getting better and better.

I knew you were awesome but I didn’t know you were THIS awesome!

This was the kind of video that I got upset when it got to the end… Cuz I knew it would be over! Haha.

Good job :D!

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Nope. I used an Echo.

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Thanks, I’m glad you liked it.

I went sepia for that rustic look, but I understand that full color is probably the best way to go for most yoyo vids.


I wonder if there’s a way to dial down at least the exposure level, then?

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Not sure. I like it as is though. I’ll keep exposure in mind when making a video in sepia.


Ultimately, we make these videos primarily for ourselves, so if you like it, that’s all that really matters!

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Awesome looking video. Tricks scenery everything awesome

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Very smooth. How long have you been yoyoing?

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About a year and a half.

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Love it. The nice thing is, it’s short enough to watch twice in a row.


Btw… Maleficent?


it was actually kind of amusing just to watch you stand there and do those pretty complex tricks with such a blank expression on your face. Sweet video.

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Thanks. Watch it as much as you like. :wink: