March madness anyone?

WHo you guys going for? Im not a fan AT ALL but I got 40$ on Michigan, Im in good shape too :wink:

I hope the cardinals win this year


May I inquire why you have this opinion? Michigan obviously doesn’t “suck,” they are one of the last two teams in the tournament, which says that they have a good amount of skill. Whether they have enough to win the tournament,we’ll find out on Monday. Now, reasoning aside, GO BLUE!

Go Blue, I have always been a MI fan and always lived in MI, currently I am about 20 minutes away from Ann Arbor where the University of Michigan is. I think they can do it.

Did you not read that part? Dude, Im a hardcore Wolverine fan. Have been since birth, and so was my father, and his father, and his father’s father, etc.

Sorry, the all caps and weird spacing threw me off. It sort of looked like you said "Michigan for life suck
a–."Where I live, almost everyone is a State fan and/or Michigan hater, so it’s a natural reflex for me to defend Michigan.

Michigan shredded Syracuse zone defense. They have a legit chance to level Louisville.

Ah, I totally understand. No big deal.

I actually have to defend the wolverines all the time because of the accursed MI state fans and Ohio state fans in my area.

I feel for ya.