Who lives in Wisconsin

Hey does anyone live in Wisconsin over by Waukesha County Technical College (WCTC).

Just Wondering cause i dont really know anyone that yoyo’s around here and my friends dont have the patience to learn how to :stuck_out_tongue:

come on no one lives in wisconsin by wctc. or sussex, pewaukee area

All my friends suck at it and dont want to try to be good cause im way better then them. then i told them im not that good and they got piss. so is there any one who actually yoyo’s in southern wisconsin

OH YEAH! all day in wisconsin. dv888 too. score.

Central Wisconsin here… If you are ever in the Stevens Point area. Hit me up!

I think i have golf meets in point…

Sounds cool. Shoot me a PM or whatever if you are ever up in the area. We can work out details and the such.

Sooo, I will be going to college soon at UW Platteville. If there is anyone near that corner of Wisconsin/Iowa/Illinois, or even someone going there, you should let me know! I would love to meet up and throw with some people in college. :slight_smile:


i live in southeast wisconsin and i’m 14.little far but if i see someone that lives in southwest or southeast minnesota i’ll let u know. :smiley: and im at a lower level than most

I was wondering if anyone new of a competition in southeast wisconsin around milwaukee. If u guys knew anything about a competition i would love to know :slight_smile: thank you for your time :o

The Wisconsin state contest used to be held in conjunction with Madfest in Madison. It has been independently run the last couple of years. Your best bet to find contests in your area is the AYYA website, which appears to be down at the moment.


maybe this one: http://yoyocontest.com/

I’m in the Milwaukee area… I would go watch if there was something close.

same, i live on the north shore of milwaukee and i wasn’t into competing jut watching, it’s nice to know that more people live in the milwaukee area that yoyo other than me. I’m the only one that does at my high school.


I’m in Milwaukee. Drop me a line if ya wanna throw

I am in Sun Prairie WI not far from Madison, but I spin tops.

I am also in the Milwaukee Area.

I just lol’d

If y’all want to drive to the cities I’m down for a meet lol

Just moved to north Milwaukee, Glendale.

I’m in Waukesha. 8)