Manufacturers at Contests?

OK so I’m going to the Virginia Beach Classic and the West Coast yoyo championship. I know that CLYW isn’t sponsoring either of them (to the best of my knowledge), but I was wondering if they will show up to either of them and sell their stuff?

Simplified version: If CLYW isn’t sponsoring a competition, will they still come and sell there?

no cause if there not sponsoring the event most likely they won’t have a booth. However, if a Yoyo store is selling yoyos there is a chance that their yoyos might be there.

Actually we are sponsoring the VB contest, but no we will not have a booth there.

We’ve been getting a lot of questions about sales booths lately, so I’ll just leave this here: we generally try to avoid them. For a few reasons:

  • We barely have enough product for our retailers, let alone extra to send to a contest.
  • Our team is usually there to compete, not run a table.
  • We barely have enough product for our retailers.

We’ve run tables at contest exactly twice since I’ve been with CLYW…one was in Japan at 44Clash because it was a pretty special occasion for us and we made a bunch of special edition 44Clash stuff, and the other was at BAC because we just happened to have a big pile of b-grades and Chris decided to go.

Mostly, if you’re looking for our stuff, hit up the YoYoExpert table. Since they hit pretty much every contest in the country, we try to make sure they have CLYW product available. :slight_smile:

Also for the record: if you don’t sponsor, you can’t get a table. That goes for pretty much every contest I’ve ever attended.

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The West Coast Yoyo Championships is not going to be held this year. Instead, IYYC is going to be held in Anaheim. (I emailed Augie asking and this was his response)