If YOYOEXPERT is sponsoring a contest will they have a booth their? I’m thinking of going to MRW.


Not always but Usually, and since it’s MWR most likely. Hopefully I can goto MWR this year!

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YoYoExpert usually sponsors most all contests there are, even small ones. They try and attend some of the bigger ones.


Seems that way. YYE was a sponsor for CalStates in 2012 but were unable to make it. They were there in 2013 as a sponsor and as a vendor, which was very cool.

I don’t think that logistically they can attend every contest that they are able to sponsor. All those airline tickets can add up!


Is MRW considered a big contest? Does YYE have clyw and one drop there? Thanks

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Yoyoexpert is a major sponsor. I think one drop and dif e yo also help out. However usually only Air Traffic has a booth.

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Just gonna stop you there and say it’s MWR not MRW (Mid West regionals not mid regionals west)

But possibly. And if they don’t, people at the contest probably will have CLYWs and OneDrops for sale.


Most likely. I wasn’t at BAC but I was there at CalStates and got to meet Andre. Does he work all of the YoyoExpert booths?


Ok thanks guys, if anyone happens to know if there are any other bigger contest around if you could let me know. Thanks.


The YYE booth at Indiana state yesterday had some one-drop and CLYW for sale. Code 1, code 2, Yelets, 54, Summit, Avalanche, BvM2, and CLIFF were all present


I think so. At Nationals, he was busy judging, but he was there. What’s good is that his crew really does step up and does YYE proud while the man in charge is busy with other tasks.

All I can say is if it was me, I’d be doing things the same way. If I’m having a booth, I’m gonna be there running it as much as I can when I can.

You may wish to contact the sponsors for the contest in question in regards to if they are running a booth or not. That’s the best way to get an answer. I also have an inside lead with the contests I do sound at and so I know who will have a booth. It helps me plan my purchases.