Los Angeles Nationals Question

Having not been yet, what manufacturers usually show up at nationals to sell yoyo’s directly to visitors?


YYF is the biggest one there, I don’t remember seeing a CLYW booth last year though. Then there are some smaller ones like the one guy who makes the wooden yoyos (tom kuhn?). Only a few actual manufacturers had a booth last year.

CLYW will have a booth this year. Lots of Fool’s Gold, and some anodizing one-offs.

Is this all? I thought there would be more.

Worlds is where the big stuff is at.

No, this isn’t all. Most manufacturers just don’t respond to random threads where the title is “Los Angeles Nationals Question”. I only looked because I’m part of the NYYL and helping with the event. If you want good answers, ask better questions. :wink:


I’ll have a booth for kyo’s toys (custom yoyos)… I know YYE will be there along with several other manufacturers. YYF usually does something, as does Duncan.


YYF confirmed they will not have a booth this year. Duncan just confirmed sponsorship, like, five minutes ago so I think they’ll have a booth as well.