Clyw Fools Gold at Nationals?

Anyone know if CLYW will have fools gold there?

Chris won’t be at nationals. I’m sure some of his players will be there, but I don’t think they’ll sell anything for him.


Ok, this may be pretty worthless information, but just in case>

When I was at BLC a few weeks back, there was a blond haired kid, walking around with a mid sized Aluminum(silver matte)yoyo case. He was asking, this, Anybody want to buy Fools Fold CLYW yoyos? I have em’.

He didn’t seem ‘shady’. He wasn’t hiding in the corner. And I think he competed that day? Just don’t remember his name. But he was walking around kinda like a Sandwich Selling guy, lol.

I would have paid more attention, but after visiting JD and YYE booths, I actually wasn’t prepared to ‘Pay’ any more attention to another purchase, hahaha.

I am just mentioning this because unless he went to another Contest( none that I know of?), and he happens to be going to Nats(hey, if I’m going, that means anybody might show up ;D.)

If he makes it to Nats, just be on the lookout for a guy about: 16… Blond wavy hair, possible CLYW hat, medium chubby aluminum colored yoyo case(about 12x18 inches, 9 inches thick).

And pretty good chance he will still have some FG to sell?

Worth a shot. >> I figure if he makes it, he will be in 1 of 3 primary places: at the Park across from Birdinhand, at Birdinhand in the Yoyostore area or hanging in front of the Holiday Inn.

Ya Neva no…

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Some people just “buy in bulk” when they can get decent prices, then sell them for a slight mark-up and come up with a small profit.

If you can get FG’s for $60 and then sell them for $70, after you recover the Canadian Post fees, 3-4 yoyos sold and you’ve recovered your postal fees for sure. Whatever you’re making is not necessarily profit yet, but money is being made per unit.

Be aware, my case looks similar to his, but mine is black, and has my logo on it. I ain’t selling. I ain’t sure if I’m even bringing that case yet.

Will Chuck be going?

I would find it unlikely for Chris to send someone to Nats to just hang out. Maybe though.

All your FG are belong to meeee