Manufacturer? I don't think so.


If you don’t make your own product then please don’t call yourself a manufacturer.

At best you are a designer.

(Owen) #2

At best you are a guy who has money and knows how to use a CAD program.

(2Sick Joey) #3

I wouldn’t think of it that way. With that logic majority of all companies in the world aren’t manufacturers since many don’t physically make their products, especially companies that outsource. In my opinion I believe any person who physically designs, goes through all the work to have a Yoyo machined and successfully releases a run is a manufacturer. How many people in the Yoyo world do you think could afford a CNC?

Just to use you’re logic:

You don’t make the powder, the gun, or the oven. So you don’t manufacture custom powdercoats? You’re just a guy with hands?


I would say customizer for myself.

If you don’t make it then you are just a designer, engineer or whatever.

(2Sick Joey) #5

So there are truly only maybe 2-5 manufacturers of yoyos in the US. How do you compare company and manufacturer? Are those on in the same or are they completely different? I’m just trying to understand your logic.


I’m talking solely as a person who would design a something then have someone else make it. Like you for instance.

I think the term manufacturer is abused. You designed something but simply cant manufacturer it yourself. Hence I would say you are a company Mr. Joe.

General yo, Landon Balk etc. Manufacturers.


So CLYW, duncan, yoyofactory and G2 all come to mind as people who outsource the manufacturing

so they’re no longer a manufacturer?

(2Sick Joey) #8

To me the word manufacturer and company in the Yoyo business go hand in hand. This is the type of business that is pretty unfeasible besides a few to physically make their products.



(2Sick Joey) #10

People who physically make Yoyo= machinists
People who design Yoyo designer= designer
People who make design, work with machinists, work through getting all the yoyos parts, advertising, etc = company aka manufacturer


Third one is incorrect. You’d need to add. Company cant do it themselves so we need someone to do it for us. We are a sort of manufacturer.

(2Sick Joey) #12

Manufacturer: a person or company that makes goods for sale.


What’s the keyword there???



Yyf makes some of their own stuff too, no?