Manufacture question


So I’ve been watching the OD Benchmarks for some time now and it seems like color options are usually limited. Is it the norm in the industry for yoyos not being replenished frequently with certain colors hard to find? Should I expect a newer yoyo like the Benchmark to get replaced with all the color options?


Most definitely! Yo-yos don’t grow on trees and they take weeks of planning and machining for a run of throws to be completely done.


… and you have a lot of different models to make. How long does it take to retire a model, or does that happen?

They don’t grow on trees?! Dang! I was going to take up gardening…


Exactly! We don’t really retire models. Some yo-yos just don’t get as much love as they deserved. But we might make older models if the demand is high on them.


It’s kinda cool in a way. It makes your yoyos a little more special.


Ba dum tss


demand is high on OG Project and Sovereign…


For special colorways we usually only make 20-30. This usually meets the demand then later they become more collectible. For solid colors we do more runs if there is demand.