Under 100 bucks.

So, I have a chance of getting around 100 bucks to spend in maybe a year or so…NO I’M NOT POOR.

So, I’m not so much of a high-high-high end yoyo expert (execpt for the ones I know well) so help.
I want medium to light floatness. Any brand can do. Size, could be small but not too crazy undersized. Yeah, need to grind.

  1. thats all you need

In 3 - 6 months there will be a whole new crop and probably within a year half of those on your list will be out of production.

What!! What do you mean? Do you mean that most yoyo’s now will be tooken over with a second generation? Any examples? Please reply what that means, cause I really want to know.

i think he means new generations, like the DM to DM2

I mean that the current flavor of the month will change in a very short time, and if you are not getting your $$ for a year or so, it will all change by then.

meh acavando is obcessed with 54s still after a few months

So you mean that there might be somehthing else that will take place of the current yoyo’s? Like somthing will take over Genesis?

i thought genisis already lost

Help…especially jhb8426, because I still don’t get what you mean. So like DM and DM2? Second duplicate? Or totally different yoyo that will take place?

just like a if they had like dv888 back awhile ago with the gold and purple and green colors and stuff

they got rid of those and made the dv888 splash and now they have the solid colors again but cheaper…

its not like the g5 will be discontinued and they make like the skyrocket or some completely new yoyo that forgets the g5 design

Most yo-yo’s are made in limited amounts. Once they’re gone, sometimes a company will make another run of them, sometimes not. They might make a new, updated version of it, or might discontinue it altogether, especially smaller companies. They can’t afford to tie money up in older yo-yo’s that aren’t selling as well, so they use that money to make new product, to keep up with demand for new, exciting products.

Aaaah, thanks. I get it now. ;D