Are we in a yo-yo great depression?

I love my Dark Magic, but I’ve been curious to try a yoyofactory Superstar. The only problem is that none of the yo-yo stores seem to have much in stock or much of a color selection if they have stock. In fact, it seems like lots of yo-yo’s are out of stock or have limited color selection.

The last time I paid much attention to yo-yo’s was around 2003 and it was nothing like this. Do the yo stores refill in cycles now? Or is the industry in dire straits?

Yoyos are produced in color runs. Take the Dark Magic for an example. You see people having them in all these different colors, but you have to look hard if you want to find a store that has more than three colors of it in stock. YYJ usually makes batches of two different colors and there might be something left of one colors from a previous batch.

Nah, the industry isn’t in dire straits, so to speak. It’s doing alright, but isn’t enjoying the “good years” last seen around the end of the century. This hobby tends to run in cycles, so given enough time the craze will catch on again and it’ll be 1998 all over again with better yo-yos.

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And some yoyos like the 888 come in runs like every year they make a huge amount of the yoyo and when they’re sold out then you gotta wait next year for the next run.

The yellow one popped up after the other colors I think. And then you have the splashes. The first set of splashes were the same price as all the other 888s. Then came the YYE splashes which turned out to be 10 dollars more.

But you gotta admit the YYE ornage/blue splash is pretty tight looking ;D

Did I say that it was anything than awesome?

i got a dv888 yesterday at yoyojoes,(yay!) but they only had aqua, and only 3 of them so, i think its because the yoyos are so popular and tech that we need them.