Mannix BST: Krown, Bonfire, Sasquatch, Gelada and more

Here is my BST. All prices include US shipping and will have a tracking number. I am willing to ship to Canada but you will have to pay the shipping fee. Paypal only please.


Items to Sell or Trade (from left to right, top to bottom):

Mint with box C3 KROWN: $100

  • the smoothest yoyo I have played. Huge savings from $165 retail

CLWY Sasquatch bgrade: $50

  • plays well, some slight scuffs and one anno flaw (reason for bgrade)

Very near mint Bonfire with box: $85

  • my son says there is a tiny indentation. I can’t find it, but I’m discounting it anyway. Otherwise smooth and perfect. I’m the original owner and CLWY Chris tested the smoothness for me before sending it.

Near mint C3 Darkstar: $40.

  • plays well.

Monkeyfinger Gelada: $50.

  • plays well, some scuffs

Phenom: $40.

  • plays well but a number of rim marks and scuffs

Yomega Glide: $50

  • powder coated, one small imperfection. Plays well, unique yoyo.