Hey guys,

I kind of recently got into a little bit of it a few months ago (I’ve always been into DB and DBZ) and I checked out one called Berserker which was pretty cool, but it’s really hit or miss, some other series are quite terrible.

Do you have any recommendations that would be similar to these two? I would really like your help!

If it helps, I like them like martial arts and fighting, not girl cyborgs that like to shop at malls (yes, there was one I found like this)


Try Bleach.



But I really only watch anime like Soul Eater and some Naruto


Fullmetal alchemist


I used to love to watch naruto when I was younger ;D

ahh, the days…


Lucifer and Buscuit Hammer is heavily reccomended by many so I’d give that a shot


infinite stratos?


One Piece, The Breaker, Tough.


BoBoBo-BO Bo-bo-bo… Nuf said.

(M.DeV1) #10

Higurashi-When they cry

Was a REALLY good one.


Attack on Titan. You can thank me later.


I liked it better then the anime personally but the only problem is it’s hard/impossible to get translated copies of some chapters online. You may be able to buy some translated.

I’m currently reading.

-Deadman Wonderland



(M.DeV1) #13

David and I picked up our copy at Barnes and Noble.


Mail me your Kai chapters.


Thanks guys! I’ll be heading to Barnes and Noble to check them out. I really appreciate all of your help!


Rurouni Kenshin is another good fighting/martial arts (swords moreso than hand-to-hand) manga.