Manatee vs banana hammock vs core co standard?

whats your opinion is and why?

I would personally go with the manatee. I’ve heard so much good about it, yet it’s so different from anything I’ve had. They are all very different yoyos though… tuff decision :wink:

It’s a very hard decision! Thanks for your vote :slight_smile:

Core co standard because you can change the shape for a cheap price and you don’t need to buy a new yoyo if you want a new shape also if you hit it super hard you can just buy new shells for cheap and the shells it comes with are super fun and the standard feels so nice when you play with it

Any other opinions?

Did you read my review on the Manatee?

Yep i did and I really appreciate it I’m just trying to get a few more opinions before i drop 80 bucks if you know what i mean. Lol.

If i had experience with the other two I would chime in. I dont have much to add that hasnt been said already. I love mine. I would not hesitate to get a replacement if mine were to somehow disappear.

Yeah I’m pretty sure I would like it too it’s just that I probably wont get another yoyo for a really long time after this purchase so I want to make sure it’s gonna be worthwhile.

yoyos are like tattoos. They can be very addictive. I bet youll be on the hunt for a new one in a month tops, regardless of which one you pick. :wink: Where there is a will, there is a way.

Amen to that. Lol. Actually for me I get one and then don’t go on the forum or yoyoexperts website at all that way I just don’t know when there is a new one out because I can’t afford it. Lol😉

I feel like people’s opinions are very subjective. They pick a company and then everything is the best in the world. Better yet, it has a cute picture on it and that makes it a good yoyo. Here is another I see all the time. The yoyo was super expensive or rare, now it the best in the world. Don’t buy into that crap. If I offend anyone buy that I apologize. I just call it how I see it. Now to your question. I have no experience with the core standard. The manatee is a well made, different yoyo. But it’s not a yoyo I want to play with everyday. Banana hammock is much more of a solid player than the manatee.

Ok thanks for your input. I think I may get the the banana hammock cuz I can get the manatee or standard later but the banana is limited run. Thanks everyone!

Having style, art, and good design is a good thing. to say “Dont buy into all that crap” is pretty slanted against most of the market. So if you dont choose based on brand, art, or company style, what do you choose on? That leaves the shape and theres only so many shapes.
And if something is limited, it doesnt make it better or worse than mass produced. just harder to get. that difficulty in getting it adds to the final value, and yes, alot of time the ones we fought for, are higher up on the pedestal for alot of reasons. The way it plays is only one part of a much larger equation.

I saw a used pineapple fade banana ham for sale in the bst a few days ago. You might wanna hop on that because I’m pretty sure they’re sold out in stores

Aw man. That stinks because I don’t have a PayPal account.

What about the C3YoYoDesign Hobbit Gungnir? I can’t find any reviews on it. Anybody have any experience with it?

CoreCo standard is an outstanding yoyo. I’d buy another one instantly if I lost mine.

That said, I haven’t heard anything bad about the others, though I don’t have experience with them personally.