Man I really wish someone would trade me a boss

Man I just can’t find a trade for a boss are a c3 di base I’ve been looking for them mybe I should go for a different yoyo any ideas

make a thread in the bst.

No no no no no, they’re two COMPLETELY different yoyos, that’s probably why no one will trade you one, Bosses that are also Di Bases just don’t exist.

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Fixed. Unfortunately it seems you do not have many throws to trade for one. The best way to get what you want is to earn funds to purchase. Another is to sell throws the trading party is not interested in to obtain cash. Timing is everything. Wait and it will be more worth your trade/cash.

I thought he meant he wanted to trade a Di Base for a Boss.

No I mean I would like a boss. Are I would like a di base and don’t worry I have a good bit of stuff to trade from

Arrr, we’d all like a Di Base, ye swab!


Lol guess so

Maghee got me a boss he’s a really good guy and a great bst person