If you have a new colorway boss, read this:

Okay, I know this thread should maybe be in the buy trade sale section (which it prolly will be here in a minute), but I have an interesting proposition:

I have one of the new augie boss’s (red with black splash) and I am interested in trading half of my boss for half of someone else’s. I would really like to trade a half with someone who has the black one with the red face. We both would trade halves, so both of us would wind up with the same looking yoyo, half with red and black splash, and half with the redface and black rims. I think it would look awesome, I am trying to do it without buying the other yoyo, but if I must, I must.

Thanks, lemme know if anyone is up for it, and if you don’t have the red and black one but you’re still interested, then lemme know, maybe we can work something out.

Doesn’t this topic belong in the BST part of this forum?


People do this sort of thing all the time. You’ll probably be successful. I’d put up pictures, and move it to the BST.

It’s been moved ;D

Yeah, if you would have looked in the bst before you posted on here you would’ve seen it, I copy pasted so the times that they were both posted should only be like a minute apart. I posted it here because someone might want to do this, without even considering to trade. Someone could be perfectly happy with their boss (like me) and not really want to trade, so they wouldn’t be scanning the bst section. However, they might think it’s a sweet idea (if they see the post) and I might have one cool yoyo in a week or two.

It’s kind of like going to an Nsync concert to pick up chicks. Maybe you don’t BELONG in the concert, but that doesn’t mean its not the place for you to get the best results 8)