Making Strings

I have a problem. When I’m done making my strings, you have the nail on one end, the string stretched across, and the drill right? How do you put the string together after that? My string just bundles up together and I have to call my brother for help, and even with him the string still comes together. So how can you put it together?

Here are 4 photos to help
1st the string streched out
2nd after spinning, fold it in half with weight, the weight is in my left hand, don’t let it slack or it will twist and have a bump in the string
3rd cut it from the nail, make shure you hold it tight or it snap out of your hand and will twist in to a mess on the floor
4th let the weight spin, cut the top end and knot
After all that enjoy. :wink:

This is not the exact way I do it but this should help
Sorry for the pic quality I just had my wife take a quick shot of me.

What is happening in #2? Thanks for the pics, they help.

folding the string in half using my weight that is in my left hand. In my right is the end of the string that I twisted.

nice pants Jeromy XD

I dig the corduroy.

I can’t! Maybe the string has too much tension, but it is almost impossible to do that.

PS how do you get the string onto the chair?

Tie a knot to secure it to the chair.

Get a Brick and place it in the middle of the streched out string. Next to it put a yoyo also on top of the string.

Then untie it for the chair, get help from a friend to put the 2 ends together and remove the brick. The yoyo should be at the bottom of the folded string. Then it should start spinning and then tie a knot at the top. I think this will help…

I have my own way of making!!! ( I have made a jig for holding it and making string fast I have stream lined it for Prefect Fit String, hope to have the sight up in a while)Any way if you can not fold it in half without it twisting up your tension is way too much don’t spin is so much and try it again. If too loose just work it untell you get it right, it takes a lot of trial and error.

Thank you ape! ;D I never thanked an ape before! :smiley:

I just made a 25% plastic, 75% polyester, and it is very grippy, but the loop is always open for whips. So it’s my whipping string. I can only do a suicide with it. Not with other strings.

Your welcome, one day I’ll make a video of how I do it.