Finally Done! How to make String Tutorial

I know people were asking all over the place on how to make string, and every vid out there really wasn’t descriptive. So my gf and i decided to make a vid with all the little details. Now this is my first vid ive ever made, so be easy hahah. but i really hope this helps everyone.


mines easy to

yeah actually yours was the one that helped me out a bit, i just wanted to be a bit more descriptive. Good job man

hay! yoyojake has 888 post! :stuck_out_tongue:

quick Tip on the Paper clip hook you use, Works good for you I’m sure. What I use is a small Plant hook, the ones you screw into the ceiling to hang plants. But a little smaller, you can get em at walmart, Joann’s Fabric, and craft and hardware store. They work great, you can put one in the drill (like the paperClip) and are stronger and hold the tension better plus you can screw them into the wall. They look like this

Also for my string I setup, well take a look

It’s small Brass Tube I got from my local Hobby Store (cpl of bucks) and put tape in between each and it works cool. But the reason I did it is cause I made a more elaborate setup for making string, I used 2x4’s, some Balsa wood for a guide and my hooks a cpl clamps, a Dremel and I Came up with this

This is the Halfway Point where I Fold in Half, I put 2 hooks for Different Length Strings. And you ask why a hook and not a Yo-Yo, I use a small Handsize Drill to spin it for different tensions

The Dremel with a hook

This is a Track for My Block to slide through and a stop stick for the right length and tension. I tie my string to the nail in the block and wrap around the hook on Dremel as many times as I want the block slides to the stop. I un hook from the dremel as I keep it tight I fold around either hook and hook loop on nail. I hook the drill hook around string at fold and turn till I get my tension Un hook tie finger loop and get your Yo-Yo and Play so I hope your not mad for my post and use it as a tool for tips, Maybe you might see something you would like to try. Good Luck and still some peoples String come out better your way then it does mine, depends on what you know. Have Fun

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oh nice man! its wicked crazy, u read my mind!!! haha i was thinking of the same thing!!! to hook the string to a block and to get the right length everytime by pulling it! nice…man

Now I have a few questions, How long is the start to finish line, like how long does the string pull. Also for like the sides were the block sides, is there any pressure pushing on each side of it to keep it firm. Perhaps u can have a little vid showing how it works.

I think tomorrow im going to stop by my friends carpentry shop, and wip somethimg up my self ;D ;D ill post some pix if I can think of something. Thanks.