Making moves for fast yoyo cash .

I find tuns of stuff I really want on b/s/t all the time . I message people all the time and it doesn’t seem like there gonna return my message , so I buy something else and BAM there they are . Now I need quick cash . This week I’m gonna start Ebaying my classic schwinn stingray bike collection . One time I cashed in my change jar at a coinstar , for a general-yo .

how do you guys get quick cash for yoyo s ?. , besides selling other yoyo s ?

Tell my wife I have to pay the bills :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve been putting off selling these for to long , they take up way to much room . I really think if I sell them all I’ll have enough cash to buy a 2013 triumph America outright .

That’s a lot of bicycles.

are those all crates? i see an apple, lemon, blueberry… ive got an orange im willing to sell:)

      some are krates ,     not sure if I'm gonna sell those .  I've got stingray deluxe , fastbacks , a disk break mantaray , phantom , you name it .     but i'm looking to sell .  ebay  here I come .