FOR SALE only, Great stuff for sale.

this is the link for the pics^^^^^^^^

for sale:
silver yoyo, zeeko c4
orange yoyo, josy ann
2 superwides
bvm sataned
fhz modded
and a yoyo that i won from a contest

Not in the pic:
skyline beat to death still works thogh
destiny beat to poo
general yo torrent plus grade mint condition only one little mark
if you want pic of it tell me ill be glad to take it

also i have every yoyo expert card un opened.

pm offers. will not respond if you comment


also lf
xbox slim hard drive
code 1 or sasquatch

do not make offer on anyother yoyo i do not want it!

bump, need these gone

I’m going to say this up front, I’m not interested in buying, but I’m just going to point something out to you. Dealing in “Cash only” when it comes to private transactions on forums will only put people off. You need to get a paypal if you’re going to sell on here or any forum. It’s not just for credit card/bank account reasons, but they also protect the buyer and the seller from getting ripped off. No one is going to put cash in an envelope, send it to you, and then hope that you follow through on the deal. I’m sure you’re good for it, but that’s just not the world we live in. Good luck on your sale.