Making an eH more responsive


My issue may be simple user error, but, I would like my eH to be a bit more responsive at neutral string tension. It is responsive enough when the string tension is a bit high, but, then it makes kick flip suicides a much harder trick.

I’m currently using some type 10 cotton string, the same string plays almost exactly how I want on my No Jive.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


Rub a little beeswax lip balm on the end of the string before putting it on and you’ll get more response.

My 2014 eh and 2015 Baldwin both have stock walnut woodthread axles and play with exactly the response I want, but every time I replace the string it is initially unresponsive and I have to throw half a dozen or more long sleepers/pinwheels to break in the string.

When I had a maple woodthread axle in the eh it would never get enough response unless I added the lip balm.

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I had read this too, and then Jensen Kimmet said it in his how to make an Orphan video. He just uses Chapstick, and said it makes it sleep longer as well as improves response. I’ve tried it, and it does work nicely, and the string seems to last longer too!

What happens with a metal axle though?

I don’t know if the lip balm solved your problem, but if not, don’t forget you can adjust the gap as well. I was having trouble with mine (even with lubing the string), and just tightened the gap a smidge. Worked like a charm!

The lip balm did the trick, as did making my own, slightly thicker cotton string (type 12).

Thanks to Brian for the lip balm suggestion and to everyone else for chiming in.

Well, maybe tightening the gap would be easier than making your own string…?

On the other hand, that’s super cool that you made your own string!

tightening the gap definitely was easier, but, I’m a tinkerer. I had interest in making my own string so that I wouldn’t be caught not having my favorite cotton string… So, some YouTube searching, an order of several hundred yards of cotton thread from a well known online supplier, a few tries to get it right and viola! Playable string.