Making a yoyo case

I recently made a yoyo case with a can, but because the holes are circular, my undersized throws were loose. How do I make a yoyo case with triangular holes so my yoyos are more snug?

you can get smaller diameter pipes at a hardware store. I had the same problem with my undersized stuff.

I cut my holes for a undersized yoyo with a long razor blade and the cut was still clean (i made a triangle as well). or you can use the smaller diameter pipe that dynikus suggested

Yeah what Dynikus said. But you could also sharpen the pipe with some sand paper because it may be hard to cut if the pipe has thick walls.

yeah, sanding is definitely a must. as the pipes are, they don’t work that well. sanded to a bit of an edge though, they work great.

I found a star shaped tin cookie cutter on ebay for 2 bucks. Fired up the edges a bit. Worked nicely.