Making a Wood Ball bearing yoyo, any ideas?


I have a lathe and all the tools, I am aiming for a dv888 type shape, but with out the outside dug out. It will use a size c bearing with grindmachine size spacers. What kind of response should I use. Will a TMBR style response work. or tmbr syle filled with silicon.


I’m not sure what to tell you, but I am sure interested to see it when you’re finished!


That style of response only works on small gaps that already have a decent bit of friction in the system: yo-yos like the YoYoJam Aquarious and various TMBR models. If you are going to be using a large gap and C bearing, you are going to need a much better response system. Just cut a silicone groove; they’re quick, easy, and work very well.


thanks, that is all I needed to know


I think I might try an o-ring response


That would be too snaggy.


will kpads stick to wood


Most likley, yes.




Ummm, not really.


I think a DV888 sized yoyo made of wood would be too light. I’d love to see a normal weighted unresponsive wood yoyo.


Jason, don’t you have that Wolff yoyo?


the weight without axle bearing or spacers is currently 50 grams, I might consider adding some wire in a channel that I would have to cut


I thought he meant black o-rings like on the Classic or Big Yo.


if u cut them in half they work good unresponsive


There’s no reason it shouldn’t work, but remember that wood can easily be destroyed with rough strings and wood compresses and expands


He probably does. My answer is still the same.


I do and I love it thanks again Dana. :slight_smile:

I’d love another unresponsive wood though!


I was just thinking some gut shots of that might help this thread out. That yoyo is perfect and can really show what can be done in the wood/ball bearing bracket. That’s all.