Making a plastic better for grinding question.

Hi i have a freehand zero that ive decked out and am wondering how to make a finish for grinding. i have 220 320 400 600 and 1500 grit sandpaper. which one would work the best? any tips on making it better for grinding? thanks! - Max

Use all. First 220, 320, 400, 600, 1500. The higher grit makes it more shine and is a smooth finishing touch on a metal but I’m not sure on plastic.

Can you satin plastic… And what exactly is satin and how do you do it


Any good results so far? I want to make my starlite more grindable. Id love to know what you did and the results. :slight_smile:

Skip the 600 and 1500. Just use the 220, then the 320, then the 400 and you’ll be good.

Just use the 220. Any higher and you won’t get the results you’ll want.

anything above 400 pretty much just makes it shinier/grind worse.
so I’d go up to 400 at the most.
you’d be fine with the 320 or 220 though.

What!?! 150 - 200 is a good grit…

I used 180 on my starlite + 2 rubber o rings per half (4 total) for some added weight and it now grinds quite well.