dark magic

when i satin should i satin the plastic also

well it depends on what you want, i’ve only satined the metal part of mine, because it had dings there, If you satin the plastic is will make it very rough.

what are you talking about it will feel crazy smooth. Have you ever satin plastic befor? And if you satin the plastic it will help with finger grinds.

When I sand the plastic it feels sort of like powder, very smooth.

would it be ok if i started a satin with steel wool?

No use sandpaper then steel wool

Actually you CAN start with Steel Wool. Just get a single 0 steel wool then move to a 000 or 0000 steel wool.

0000 steel wool is very fine.

well i just use sand paper and one kind of steel wool cause its cheaper

1200 grit wet and dry emery paper works very well, it worked a treat when I modded my DM to unrecognizablity, lol, is that even a word? Ohh well it suits wat i’ve done though

This will not satin it. It will almost bring it to a slight polish.

sorry, im new with all this, but what IS a satin

sataing is sanding

oh thanks

You really need to take your time when typing. More people would take you seriously if they cjould read what you say.