Majesty vs Code 2


Can anybody tell me how the Majesty plays compared to a Code 2? I may be getting one.


Considering how hardly anyone has a Majesty, it’s really hard for anyone to have an answer.

I’ll be getting one arriving at my house shortly after Christmas. I’ll know then. I like General Yo, I fully expect to appreciate this one a lot.


There was this thread at the yoyo reviews here regarding the majesty and everyone just said it was great. Hopefully someone from there could post an opinion here.

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I have a 7075 Majesty and both of the Code 2 versions. The 7075 Majesty has more powerful spin due to the material and a nicer finish than the Code 2. The blast on the 7075 Majesty is almost like the ILYY Candy-blast. Very satiny and smooth.

The Code 2 is more floaty where the 7075 Majesty quick and maneuverable. The spin on the Code 2 is great, but the 7075 Majesty is better due to the material difference.

Both are great choices. If you can get a Majesty - do so. If not, the Code 2 is a great choice too.